Monday, November 2, 2015


Assalammualaikum and hi :)

Hi guys. How are you feeling today? Maaf la blog ni dh macam chipsmore. Sekejap ada sekejap takde. Life as an student was too much busy. Btw, now I dh habis sem 2. But this time, I cuma cuti 2 minggu je. Takpe tak lama sangat. I want to finish my 3rd sem / foundation year ASAP! 

This time, I want to share with my followers also the visitor more about one of  the interesting place in Penang. Negeri kelahiran saya :)

Actually, masa study week haritu, I ada appoinment with my doctor. So, dah alang2 study week, why not balik je terus and brought my neigbours / coursemates / best friends to my place. 

Masa hari Sabtu, I bawa je kawan2 I g Amanjaya Mall, one of the famous mall in Sg Petani. And the best thing there, at that time, finalis2 AF2015 pun ada kat sana. Tapi kitaorang tak g la kt diorang sbb terlalu ramai sangat and sesak. So, we just watching Malay movie up there. And that's why kitaorang hanya mampu bergambar with the AF2015 poster. Masa tu jugak Dekna, bekas pelajar AF dulu pun ada utk tayangan filem dia.

On the next day, my parents bawa la kawan2 saya ke Penang. Kitaorang naik feri because my friends never been in ferry before. Tapi masa tu musim jerebu, KOMTAR pun tak nampak. Memang wrong time sungguh.

Okay dah sampai. Actually kan, I baru tahu ada tempat secantik ni kt Penang. I really know nothing about this place. And this place was really really awesome !!!! It was Botanical Garden Penang. So, if korang singgah ke Penang nanti, instead of Bukit Bendera, you guys should come and take a look at Botanical Garden Penang. No charge occur, free only :) Untuk nature traveller, you guys sure will be fascinate with the view. Memang sangat cantik tempatnya. Kat sini, ada yang berjoging, main badminton, jalan2 semua ada.

Let's take a look for some photos below...

Masa tu, I ride a bugi golf, alaa yang orang ride masa kat padang golf tu kan. Haa, yang tu la. Kitaorang tak larat nak jalan sebab terlalu besar Taman Botani ni. Plus ada banyak kera kt situ. Kalau korang g sana, please please please jangan ada apa2 kat tangan korang, Kalau blh, pergi dengan tangan kosong or ride this bugi golf. Jangan risau, certain tempat driver ni akan stop and bagi masa utk korang utk masuk certain place like Taman Orkid. 

Okay, last place. Tak sah la kalau mai Penang tak singgah pantai dulu kan. So, our selected beach was, Miami beach at Batu Feringgi tu. Masa tu hujan2 sikit but still kitaorang redah jugak and find suitable rock utk kitaorang dduk and view the scenery. Masya Allah, ciptaan Dia sangat indah.

Done! Smpai situ ja post saya utk kali ni. Stay tuned with my next post with my hiking holiday at Penang too. In sha Allah, kalau ada kelapangan waktu, I will share with you guys my experienced visiting some beautiful places. Thank you for visit and read. Bye. Assalammualaikum :)

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