Thursday, January 12, 2017

I hope you read this...

Assalammualaikum and hi everyone. It's been a long time I'm not posting in my blog. I really wanted my blog to keep updated so this is the right time. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys are doing well for whatever you did before, now and the future. Actually, I want to confess and share of what I feel. Yes, it's true I'm talking about my heart.

For the past 27 days ago, I've been approached by a guy, a very nice guy which I think it must be something inside him as the way he approached really looks different. He knew me as we were participated in one competition which was held in his university. He really friendly and open minded as for the first day we've chatting..he talked a lot about his experiences and we shared some information between us. I don't know why I was too easy to share my information with him. It maybe because I thought he is different. Days by days we've knowing each other and the meantime my exam study week started. So we slow down our chat and gave some spaces for each of us for studying.

We have been acquaintance for just a few days only, as I mentioned before, I can feel some different with him and I've been fallen in love with him just a few days. This is really true and absurd. I've no idea why I am so easy to fall in love with someone which I've never meet him as person before as he the only one who know and meet me. Like I'm said, we were participated in a competition, and during that, he tried to approach me, find and follow me in Instagram and also comment in a photo of mine. But at one day, which would be his favourite date and number, he messages and approached me in Instagram and I replied it! It's really nice to get to know with him, he asked me a lot basic things which I think never been expected to be asked by someone including my ex. In fact, my ex never asked me those basic questions like he did. Slowly, he tried to win my heart and I fell on it. You, knowing you was one of the greatest memory I've ever had.

Day by day, and it's near to third week, we rarely chatting, messaging each other. I've been started to overthink what he does as he don't let me know as well. My overthinking started to go more further and further as I thought he might had met someone else, yeah, I know I am not a perfect woman, the ideal girl just like the normal guys supposed to wish as well. I started to show my bad attitude, I've accused him do this and that without asking him at all.

I've been that way because he really late replying my messages and I was wondering what he did actually. If he was doing something else, just let me know but he didn't. So I've been started to overthink because I'm really scared if he lied to me. I really disliked those who really late replying my messages, online but not open my chat, and the worst is bluetick my chats!

You might know what happened to me if you guys ever read my past post before, the way I've been cheated by my first a relationship with a I'm scared if he did this to me too. If he told me what he is doing maybe I'll be less thinking but I realized we're still in "special friend" state.

But now he's really mad at me, it's because I've done something that really made him angry at me, I told him I want to leave him, accused him for doing something that he might not did. I know I am wrong and I am really really sorry about that.

You...if you read this, I wanted to say I'm very regret for what I've been did yesterday, I know you are hurt, angry at me, same goes to me, hurt like you. But at least please reply my messages. Please let me know if you want to stay or not. At least please let me know that so that I'm not clueless and can keep move on and close my heart to anyone else. 

I want you to know, you are the best and nice guy I've ever been met before, and I don't want to lose a nice guy like you. Please reply my messages and let me fix this thing out. I will start to build trust on you and reduce my overthinking towards you. If you wish you don't want to stay with me, I will accept that and start to move on and go out from your life too. But I really hope you will stay, as the promises you did before, those hoping that you build on me that make me fall for you. I know you are angry, too mad of me, but at least...please reply my messages, give me a chance to sort this things out. I am really looking forward for your quick reply because I miss you a lot. 

Firzanah Fallice

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

FAQs for Educamp & Life in UTP

Assalammualaikum and hi everybody. 

Fatin ada terima banyak sangat soalan2 untuk educamp dan kali ni Fatin nak terus jawab.

Kadang2 Fatin ada yang Fatin sempat reply dan kadang2 jugak tak sempat nak reply sebab masa tu maybe Fatin tengah busy dengan finals and so on. Maaf dan harap korang faham ye :)

1) Apa yang calon buat waktu Educamp?

Waktu Educamp ni ada tiga test; CSPQ, TSA & interview.

CSPQ tu ujian berkaitan dengan diri korang sendiri, takde betul atau salah, semuanya berkaitan korang sendiri. 

TSA ialah ujian berfikir which stand for Thinking Skill Assessment ( if I'm not mistaken ). Ujian TSA ni ada sikit2 math dan memerlukan korang untuk berfikir. Masa Educamp please bawa your own calculator for your TSA test.

Interview masa turn Fatin dulu individual ( interviewer tanya soal diri Fatin, kenapa pilih course tu, pengetahuan apa yang Fatin tahu tentang course yang Fatin apply ni ). Tapi kalau tak silap sekarang dah berbeza sikit sebab nak jimat masa so interview in group. Tapi Fatin nasihatkan korang well prepared jelah sebab berbeza setiap kali educamp.

Individual interview: Macam turn Fatin dia tanya tentang soal diri Fatin, kenapa pilih course tu dan pengetahuan mengenai course tu. Kadang2 ada time dia bagi study case ( isu2 negara, etc ) and discuss about that case.

Interview by group: Korang akan diberikan satu study case, dan setiap sorang kena elaborat tentang study case tu. Korang kena aktif bercakap sikit sebab kadang korang dapat group partner yang pandai bercakap lagi2 korang pendiam.

Tujuan interview ni nak tengok, whether you guys able to communicate well in English. Dont mind your grammar, just speak out what you have to say based on your case study given. Pastikan korang bercakap jugak masa interview tu.

Korang boleh refer documents yang korang kena download, dalam tu ada semua berkaitan dengan Educamp tests, apa yang korang kena bawa and so on. 

2) Selalunya result educamp ni ambil masa berapa lama?

It's depend actually, boleh ambil masa sebulan or lebih tapi takde la sampai setahun. Korang boleh tanya pada interviewer masa korang kena interview tu dan selalukanlah check laman web UTP :)

3) Flow educamp

First, ada briefing session with the candidates and their parents also. Then candidates akan pergi ke lab yang disediakan untuk menjawab dua tests dan sesi interview.

Kalau korang dapat sesi pagi, around 12 noon dah habis. Kalau sesi petang, around 6 pm dah habis.

4) Semester in UTP

Kalau korang apply for Mac intake, educamp korang will be around bulan 1 dan kalau successful korang akan masuk dalam bulan Mac. Intake ni untuk asasi / foundation.

Kalau korang apply for Mei intake, educamp korang around bulan April, dan kalau successful korang akan masuk dalam bulan Mei. Intake ni untuk undergraduate.

Kalau korang apply for Julai intake, educamp korang not sure tpi dalam bulan 6 rasanya. Kalau successful korang akan masuk dalam bulan Julai. Intake ni untuk asasi / foundation.

Kalau korang apply for November intake, educamp korang Fatin tak sure tapi around bulan 9 / 10 camtu rasanya. Kalau successful korang akan masuk bulan 11. Intake ni untuk undergraduate.

5) Yuran

Yuran ni korang kena apply sendiri sebenarnya, ada yang fully sponsored dan ada yang self sponsored. Macam Fatin still self sponsored. Korang boleh refer jumlah yuran korang dekat laman web UTP :)

6) Attire

Simple attire but formal. Blazer tu tak berapa perlu. Kalau nak pakai boleh je. 

Okay, sampai situ saja. For any inquiries, do email me,

Thank you and Assalammualaikum :)


Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Assalammualaikum semua dan hai :)

Harini Fatin nak kongsi sikit soal peribadi, yup, soal hati.

Sebelum tu, kalau ada yang tak berminat, tak perlu la nak baca, mungkin bagi korang bosan kan, tapi ni apa yang Fatin rasa dan Fatin nak cerita, paling tepat, nak LUAHKAN :)

Okey, kalau dalam term informal, yes, Fatin start berjinak-jinak dalam percintaan since Form 1 lagi with my own classmate, tapi masa tu tahan seminggu je sebab Fatin mudah bosan. Suka someone tu sekejap2 je, yelah masa tu budak lagi kan. Kanak-kanak riang lagi nak cuba benda baru pastu bosan hahahha. Kitaorang jumpa dalam kelas, act like nothing and just texting each other. Yes, sebelum tu kitaorang kenal2 la not sure how long but kitaorang bercinta seminggu je.

Second, bila Form 3 if I'm not mistaken, yang ni pun term informal jugak, dengan budak sekolah lain tapi still in daerah sama. Masa tu budak2 sangat lagi and I know nothing. Masa tu tak pernah jumpa langsung and just texting each other je. For how long I was not remembered :)

Third, yes yang ni Fatin dah start serius sebab bercinta dgn dua pupu sendiri and yes dia tua 4 tahun. Masa tu Fatin Form 4 and kenal dia masa kat kenduri family and he added me on fb. We chatting in fb then texting and so on. Yes, kitaorang pernah jumpa tapi tak pernah dating. Fatin tak pernah dating walaupun time tu bercinta. Tapi bila dah serius, dia pulak buat perangai so this time tahan la dalam 6 bulan lebih. Yes, waktu tu Fatin memang teramat serius tapi tak kekal lama jugak.

Proses penyembuhan tu ambil masa selama setahun lebih jugak la. Masa tu Fatin mula rapat dengan someone ni and until now kitaorang masih rapat. Alhamdulilah. Tapi masa tu Fatin ambil keputusan tolak perasaan Fatin kat dia dengan cara Fatin kena rapat ngn someone lagi utk lupakan dia. It sound weird but this was happened.

Fatin denied this feeling sebab Fatin fikir kitaorang cuma kawan baik and tak akan pernah bercinta. So, Fatin ada kenal2 dengan someone sama umur tapi sekolah lain, but still daerah yang sama. Fatin akui dia memang teramat baik dan Fatin memang jatuh hati dekat dia. Hubungan kitaorang serius, dating tu ada la tapi bukan berdua sebab Fatin tak biasa dan taknak biasakan. Kitaorang selalu jumpa kat library daerah lepas wktu sekolah ditemani kawan Fatin dan kawan dia.

Tapi lepas kitaorang dah habis SPM, Fatin dah masuk U tapi dia still taknak mohon mana2, Fatin rasa geram, Fatin rasa dia tak usaha untuk improve diri dia. Fatin sokong dia masuk maahad, tapi lepas 6 bulan kat situ dia keluar dan bekerja. Fatin tahu dia bukan dari keluarga senang tapi Fatin buta tak nampak usaha dia untuk improve diri dia. Lepas setahun lebih kitaorang putus sebab dia cakap Fatin ni melalaikan and so on. Fatin pun dah tak ingat tapi lepas 6 bulan tu dia dapat masuk askar dan sekarang dah tamat latihan. Tinggal nak tunggu tempat mana dia perlu berkhidmat je.

And yes masa tu hubungan Fatin dengan bestfriend Fatin since form 4 tu masih rapat dan terlalu rapat but still I wanted to keep this feeling. Surprisingly, Fatin tak ingat langsung waktu dia ada tanya Fatin and I already rejected him. Dia kan selalu berkias-kias. Fatin pun tak sedar waktu bila Fatin reject dia dan sekarang Fatin rasa rugi sangat tapi perkara tu dah lepas.

Masa kat U, Fatin ada la kenal ngn beberapa senior dan ada tersangkut dengan someone. But after 6 months jugak Fatin tak dapat lelaki yang Fatin nak sebab semua yang Fatin bercinta ni semua bukan atas kehendak Fatin sendiri. Dia terlalu extreme, selalu nak bangkang and selalu nak provoke Fatin. Dan Fatin memang tak suka lelaki jenis macamtu. Teramat menyesal dengan semua ni tapi Fatin percaya ni semua proses dalam kehidupan.

Masa awal tahun ni, bestfriend Fatin dapat trace perasaan Fatin kat dia dan Fatin terpaksa mengaku dan malu sangat. Tapi dah terlambat sebab masa tu dia dah with somebody dan baru sekarang Fatin dah boleh terima kenyataan yang kitaorang akan kekal sebagai kawan ja. Dia ada cakap dia dah takde apa2 dengan somebody tu sekarang tapi tak boleh nak bukak pintu hati pada sesiapa.

Sekarang I am single but not available. Fatin nak renung balik kesilapan2 lepas dan tebus balik semua tu. Untuk menyedapkan hati Fatin, Fatin nak anggap semua tu proses kehidupan dan jelas masa tu Fatin memang tak jaga hati Fatin pada yang sepatutnya. Fatin cemburu dengan orang yang tak pernah bercinta dan hati mereka masih suci lagi. Tapi apakan daya, masa tak boleh putar balik dan nasi juga sudah menjadi bubur.

Fatin pun nak fokus betul2 untuk degree study ni dan nak lupakan soal hati. Yes I want to be a heartless person. Start from now on, Fatin nak bercinta dengan orang yang betul2 Fatin suka, Fatin admire. Bukan ulang kesilapan dulu, masa bercinta baru nak kenal hati budi masing2. Fatin taknak tipu diri sendiri dan ulang kesilapan dulu.

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Terima kasih sudi membaca. Assalammualaikum. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Assalammualaikum dan hi semua :)

Maaf la bagi blog ni berhabuk lama tak post hehehe, busy deh. Harap korang paham eh.

By the way, harini Fatin nak share pengalaman tahun lepas, heee dah tahun lepas dah, memori lepas masa foundation dulu. Masa tu utk satu course ( English II ) kitaorang ada assignment utk teknologi yang dulunya dalam filem lama-lama tapi sekarang dah wujud kat dunia. Yang dulunya orang angan-angan sampai buat dalam filem tapi sekarang dah muncul di dunia sebenar. So, kitaorang pilih drone technology which was before in the Back To The Future Part II ( 1989 ).

Apa itu drone? Dalam bahasa Melayu...Fatin tak sure sebenarnya drone ni apa, tapi apa yang Fatin tahu, drone ni satu teknologi dimana ia menggunakan kamera untuk menangkap gambar dalam satu keadaan yang lebih canggih. Yes, it was something that can fly + using camera aid.

Kegunaannya, kalau dalam movie Back To The Future Part II tu, ada tunjuk sebagai CCTV untuk ikut anjing tu kat luar dan satu lagi fungsinya dijadikan sebagai pengganti wartawan untuk interview banduan yang baru keluar dari penjara ( if im not mistaken ).

Kenapa Fatin nk share pengalaman ni kat korang?
Sebab Fatin rasa ni antara salah satu pengalaman yang paling berharga yang tak semua orang boleh dapat. From UTP, we went to the first place, jumpa abang2 yang reka sendiri drone and fly drone diorang which I was really amazed of that. Tak semua orang boleh create their own drone and fly that by themselves. It's like wow!!!!

So creative and innovative right? Basically abang2 tu semua jadikan drone ni as their hobbies when they had their leisure time. Diorang nis semua expert user of drone okay. And mostly diorang semua dah berkerja, dah berkerjaya dan dah berkahwin! Bagus kan diorang?

Some other photos were below this. Enjoy it!

 Okay, first place dah selesai, so we move on to the next destination which was Average Drone.

Pagi kitaorang kat area Shah Alam ( kalau tak silap sebab serius dah lupa sikit2 ), and our next destination was at Setapak. Kitaorang ke kedai yang menjual drones. Kalini kitaorang lihat baaaanyaak drone yang cantik and also have high technology inside there.

So, if korang yang dah berminat untuk memiliki drone boleh la ke blog ini, . Korang boleh dapat drone yang korang inginkan kat situ. They also provide services if in case drone korang mengalami kerosakan ke or jadi something to yours drone. 

Okay, that's all from me. Yes, dah berlalu sangat lama pengalaman ni tapi Fatin nak jugak post sebab this is one of my favourite experiences that ive never had before. From UTP to KL for just completing our survey and gained more knowledges of drones.

Before kata-kata pengutup, Fatin nak share our brochure for this assignments. If additional informations regarding drone korang boleh refer dalam brochure ni okay. 


Okay gais...thank you sebab sudi membaca entry post ni :)

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Assalammualaikum and hai everybody. Thanks coz sudi menyinggah n membaca post ni. Fatin minta maaf sangat sebab tak dapat update. Dah berhabuk dah blog ni agaknya.

First of all, syukur alhamdulillah sangat Fatin dh habis asasi di UTP. Baru sempat Fatin nk bukak blog ni and edit apa yang patut selepas dah hampir sebulan tamat asasi.

Btw, still sempat utk Fatin ucapkan tahniah pada adik2 yang dah ambil sijil SPM, yang takde rezeki jangan risau sebab peluang masih banyak kat luar sana. And welcome to UTP for Mac16 students :)

And before I end my post, I would like to share some photos when I get through my last sem for foundation in UTP.

This time masa habis exam awal and kitaorang ramai2 stay dalam library.

ICT and BIS bergabung lepas semua keluar dari CH.

Still teringat masa mula2 kitaorang dua masuk UTP masa educamp :)

Time ni 2 days before final exam start and I still remember the date 13.2.2016 :)


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